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I understand because I have been there...

My name is Tim Lawson, and I once used to be a losing punter. I used to bet on everything, horse racing, football, greyhounds, snooker and pool. To be honest, if you name a sport, I probably bet on it at least once.

Eventually, I had enough of losing. It had come to a stage where I had to give it up entirely, or else study so hard at making it work, that I could justify what I was spending my money on to my wife!

Even though I didn't keep results back then, I had an idea I was a marginal winner at horse racing but a huge loser in every other sport on which I bet.

Over the course of 8 months, I concentrated solely on horse racing which helped me to plug a lot of leaks. For example, I quickly realised my selections in big field sprint handicap flat races were doomed to failure if their starting stall position forced them to be drawn on the side that lacked front running or prominently ridden opponents.

Over the course of 8 months, I concentrated solely on horse racing which helped me to plug a lot of leaks. For example, I quickly realised my selections in big field sprint handicap flat races were doomed to failure if their starting stall position forced them to be drawn on the side that lacked front running or prominently ridden opponents.

On the other hand, this also gave me an opportunity for profits later in the season when a horse performed well from such a disadvantageous starting stall and next time out was drawn close to the pace horses. It was underrated by the handicapper and even more importantly undervalued by the betting public, therefore delivering huge value on that occasion.

Not only was my strike rate improving drastically but my average winning odds skyrocketed. A fantastic combination for any punter!

I started to keep meticulous daily records of all bets made, race types, the size of bets. I invested in databases so I could run my system ideas and personal spreadsheets to quicken the form reading process.

After six months, I had a dozen systems that were making a sizable profit. Fast-forward to 10 years later, and I now have over 150 systems that are all long term profitable systems.

Today I want to reveal the system that has made me consistent money every weekend in UK, Ireland, France, USA, Hong Kong, Japan and more as well as during all the major racing festivals, such as Cheltenham, Aintree, Punchestown, Breeders Cup, Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood, etc.

Introducing the Easy Life Winners - Class Wins Out System

This system produces an average of 30 points profit every month betting on UK & Irish top class

horse races, to single 1 unit bet stakes.

Over the course of 12 months, you would have made £3,600.00 to just £10 stakes.

If you had staked £20 per selection, you would have made £7,200.00

If you had staked £50 per selection, you would have made a whopping £18,000.00!

The beauty of this system is that it finds value prices near the top of the market in Group, Graded or Listed non-handicap races and has a 35% strike rate so big dips in your bankroll rarely occur.

The next best thing about this system is the large bet sizes you can place on these popular and high betting turnover races without getting spotted by unscrupulous bookmakers, who would otherwise limit or ban your account if placing bets on a similar price range in lower class races.

I started to keep meticulous daily records of all bets made, race types, the size of bets. I invested in databases so I could run my system ideas and personal spreadsheets to quicken the form reading process.

Because with this system, you will only bet in big races, therefore, the bookies will label you as a recreational punter. This means they will allow you to bet, win and withdraw time and time again! By the time they realise you are a shrewd punter, you will have £20,000 in your bank account!

There is absolutely nothing better than watching a selection from a proven winning system romp home!

Why you should be excited to use the Class Wins Out system...

You may be asking yourself why I am giving away my secrets when this system consistently makes money every weekend and during racing festivals?

The simple answer is that because this system concentrates 100% on group, graded or listed races, there is so much betting volume on these markets as well as hype from all the racing publications, that it would take tens of thousands of people using this system to effect the price, therefore it will always remain profitable. The beauty of top class horse racing is that everyone has a totally different opinion of what can win and this will always lead to value bets.

Have you bought systems before just to later find out that the system gives vague guidelines which end up with no two people having the same selection?

This to me is not a system. I guarantee that every person who follows the simple steps in the system will come up with the same selection I will be betting.

Are you worried that this system will involve you sitting in front of Betfair, maniacally refreshing the odds just before the off to finalise your selection?

I can assure you that all you need to operate this system is the racing post website, a pen and paper (or a spreadsheet if you prefer) to record your selections and multiple betting accounts to get your bets on! I also advise the minimum price you should take on a selection to ensure you always get a value bet on. You must get value, otherwise, you are just a mug punter.

What happens if you work all day and you can only get your bets on in the evening time or just before you go to work?

Again there is no restriction as to when you place your bets, however, you will mostly find the best price available before 11 am on the day of race market. Once you find the selection, you should place your bets using one of your best odds guaranteed bookmakers. Always vary up the bookmakers you use to stay under the bookie's radar.

Have you bought systems before and they never work out?

There are two reasons for this:

1.The system was badly designed which made the guidelines vague

2. You lacked discipline and did not follow through with it.

The best thing about this system is that you can look over any past black type race to see that the system identified the winner, time and time again. There is no hiding place with this system.

Are you just a Saturday bettor?

Well, then you are in luck with this system as Saturday’s and Sunday's are when the majority of Group, Graded and listed races are run in every country around the World.

What countries does the system work in?

This system was built using the Racing Post website to determine if the "Class" horses passed the qualifying criteria to become a betting selection. Therefore, I personally will bet in all countries where the Racing Post offer a comprehensive international racecard. I also had to delay the release of this system by over 9 months while waiting for the Racing Post to finally launch their new website design. Thankfully, the website is not only better, but they now cover lots more international black type races in more depth, allowing this system to be used in all the major worldwide stakes races. Last weekend, selections were available to be bet in UK, Ireland, France, Australia, USA, South Africa & Hong Kong.

What size of a betting bank is required?

Due to the high strike rate (35%+), a 50 unit bank is adequate for this system. I recommend betting one unit per bet and reinvesting all winnings into your betting bank and growing your bet sizes gradually.

How many bets on average will need to be placed?

This all depends on how many countries you would like to cover. If you just concentrate on UK and Irish racing, then you will expect to make between 2 and 5 bets every weekend. During UK & Irish racing festivals, expect to make 1-3 bets per day of the festival. For every country you add, you would expect to make a further 2 to 5 bets per weekend.

How much time is needed to go through the system and find the selections?

It takes on average 5 minutes to analyse a Group, Grade or Listed race using this system. The more familiar you become with it, the faster the selection process. Therefore if there were five black-type races in UK and Ireland on a particular day, it would take 25 minutes to finalise the selections and then another 5 minutes to find the best price and place your bets.

What if I am brand new to horse racing. Will I understand the concepts in the system?

If you are new to horse racing betting, then I can guarantee that this system will be the foundation on which you base all further teachings on horse racing betting. In fact, I believe people who are new to horse racing will make more money with this system than more experience betters, as they will not be influenced by outside preconceptions or outdated ideas and will follow the step by step directions exactly as detailed.


Making a withdrawal after withdrawal every single month without having to make another deposit again to your Betfair account.
Making a withdrawal after withdrawal every single month without having to make another deposit again to your Betfair account.
The holiday to Florida with the wife and kids without having to worry about scrimping and saving money all year to afford it.
Sometimes people over complicate betting on horses.
They try to analyse hundreds of factors when they need to take a step back and formulate a plan that logically makes sense. That is what the Easy Life Winners - CLASS WINS OUT system does.

Here are the latest winners from the Class Wins Out System

35% strike rate | Can be applied to all Worldwide top class stakes races
Marsha 8/1 - UK Group 3 Winner
Seventh Heaven 4/7 - UK Group 2 Winner
Paulasilverlining 14/5 - USA Grade 1 Winner
Contentment 25/1 - Hong Kong Group 1 Winner
Custom Cut 9/2 - Irish Group 3 Winner
Ajman Princess 6/1 - UK Listed Winner
Over the course of the month, this system generates an average of 30 points profit to single unit betting stakes, just on UK and Irish horse racing. This does not even take into account the extra profit you can make by applying this system to worldwide stakes races, which are now available for analysis on the new Racing Post website (and 100% FREE).
Don't just take our word from it, have a look at what other buyers thought of the system.
Mr C. Howell, Stevenage, UK, 01 May 2017
"This system opened my eyes to how bookmakers are able to offer huge enhanced prices on famous horses in all the well-known group races. The simple fact is they are not classy enough to win the race! The bookies know this but the public and the papers hype them up so much, there is immense value to be found in these races. CLASS WINS OUT system is as solid a system as you will find. You will not be able to retire on this but you will be able to bag free pints from your mates every weekend after you have given them winning tip after winning tip! I really cannot recommend highly enough!"
Mr. J. Redfern, Dublin, Ireland, 08 May 2017
"I would like to thank Tim for allowing me to be one of the first reviewers of his Easy Life Winners - CLASS WINS OUT system. Over the course of the previous Saturday, I picked out the following priced winners 8/1, 8/11, 9/2 and 6/4. I had two losing selections at 7/2 and 10/1 but if I could get results like that every weekend than this could be the best investment ever (funny that as I didn't even pay for it!). I love watching top class stakes races from around the world and now I can enjoy it more by having an intelligent value bet in those races"
Never miss a selection with this simple step by step horse racing system
You do not need a paid subscription to the Racing Post as the system is based on the free for all version of the Racing Post's website.
You can increase your profits easily as the system can be applied to not only Group, Graded and
Listed flat and national hunt racing in the UK & Ireland but also in every other country worldwide
that is covered  by the Racing Post or other reputable racing publication making it a an
all year round global profitable betting
You can make easily 5 figures a year by spending less than 30 minutes a day at the weekends finding your selections and placing your bets
This each way system produces an amazing 35% strike rate which minimises your losing runs and insulates your bankroll
Make an average of 30 points profit a month just from betting on UK & Irish horse racing

Don’t Be Fooled

Don't let the simplicity of this fully detailed step by step system fool you. I’ve invested 1,000’s of hours of my own time researching, testing and betting all my systems and this system continues to show a profit year after year.
This formula contains everything you need to finally be able to make a substantial side income from your horse racing betting.

How Much Is This Going To Cost

I am selling this eBook for £19.99. You might be thinking, "For a price of £19.99, how good could this be?
1. I remember what it is like getting started with betting and how much trial and error I had to go through before I latched onto the idea that keeping things simple can indeed pay dividends. Therefore I want to give people who were once like me a chance to finally make their betting pay
2. I want to make this eBook accessible to serious betting beginners and I believe the price is low enough to allow people who are willing to be disciplined but may have lost money before to get a fresh start
3. Anyone who is serious enough to invest the price of a night out in buying this system has the opportunity to launch their first side income stream
So if you're serious about making a decent side income from betting on horse racing click the " Add to Cart Now" button below. If you need to justify the expense, skip your favourite curry house and a few drinks this weekend and it's paid for.

Here is my guarantee to you...

If you buy this system from me and within 30 days you are not happy with how it is explained or the logic behind it, I will happily give you your money back, no questions asked.

Now you have a choice to make...

You can spend over 10 years in the trenches like I have, running your own systems, learning how to read horse racing form, signing up to expensive horse racing databases...
You can follow my Easy Life Winners ™ CLASS WINS OUT system that teaches you a step by step method how to select the value priced winners of every Group, Graded or Listed horse race that takes place in all the major countries from around the World. In a few days, you can be well on your way to making consistent profits from horse racing.
The only thing between you and betting success is a value packed 34 page £19.99 eBook. Get started making some tax free money now.

Limited time only bonus offer if you buy now...

If you buy this book today, I will offer 30 days of direct one on one email coaching, where you can
send me your selections to ensure that you are following the system correctly, as well as ask any
horse racing-related questions.
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Do not miss out on this life changing price of £19.99 - It will not last forever.
  Here is a recap of what you will receive when you purchase Easy Life Winners - CLASS WINS OUT today!
Easy Life Winner - CLASS WINS OUT System eBook
Easy Life Winner - CLASS WINS OUT System eBook
Get this for an introductory price of £19.99
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